Computational Documentary
Collaboration with Jonathan Minard

Clouds features prominent and emerging computer hackers, media artists, and critics talking about the creative use of code, the future of data, interfaces, and computational visuals. It is presented as a series of conversational vignettes centered around thematic topics. The subjects of the film float in a black void, their figures composed of tiny points connected by lines that flicker and break apart at the edges. They're made out of pure computational matter -- the same class of material the artist depicted work with on a daily basis.

The entire film is shot using a DSLR attached to a Microsoft Kinect sensor and rendered using our open source editing suite the RGBDToolkit to generate a true CGI and video hybrid.

The Clouds video is a step along the longer path for this concept. We are continuing to chase the idea of creating an 'infinite conversation' in form of an interactive application to navigate clouds of related dialog. The final instance of the documentary, the user will send a query resulting in a stream of figurative points clouds speaking to the subject. We imagine this working in a real time environment where the viewer can control the camera and choose who to listen to by flying through space virtually.